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About Gurley Leep Mercedes


ujack Mercedes is located at 3602 N. Harrison St, Davenport, IA. Lujack Mercedes services the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. Originally opened in 1954, Lujack Autopark has sold its share of cars. Lujack Mercedes was acquired in 2007 by Gurley Leep Automotive Group. Mercedes, along with Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche, together make Lujack Luxury Motors, providing the Quad Cities with the finest in European automobiles. Lujack Mercedes employs the finest sales professionals, the best service and body shop technicians in the Quad Cities area.

Our Story


ercedes-Benz is one of the most recognized automobile brands in the world. It was founded in Germany by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in 1926. The three pointed star logo exemplifies the company's aim to universalize motorization; on land, water, and air. Its design is focused on its philosophy of sensual purity that defines modern luxury. It expresses an essential aspect of the brand- the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion. The aim is to create pure forms of sensual surfaces that showcase high tech features and radiate emotional appeal.