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About Gurley Leep porsche


ujack Porsche is located at 3602 N. Harrison St, Davenport, IA. Lujack Porsche services the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. Originally opened in 1954, Lujack Autopark has sold its share of cars. Lujack Porsche was acquired in 2007 by Gurley Leep Automotive Group, Porsche, along with Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi, together make Lujack Luxury Motors, providing the Quad Cities with the finest in European automobiles. Lujack Porsche employs the finest sales professionals, the best service and body shop technicians in the Quad Cities area.

Our Story


erdinand Porsche founded the company under the name “Dr.Ing. h.c.F. Porsche GmbH”. Ferry Porsche's vision of the perfect sports car has inspired throughout the years. Although the makers of Porsche take pride in their rich history, they continually look forward to produce vehicles with superior innovations and technology.