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About Gurley Leep Volkswagen


ujack Volkswagen is located at 3602 N. Harrison St, Davenport, IA. Lujack Volkswagen services the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. Originally opened in 1954, Lujack Autopark has sold its share of cars. Lujack Volkswagen was acquired in 2007 by Gurley Leep Automotive Group. Volkswagen, along with Mercedes, Audi and Porsche, together make Lujack Luxury Motors, providing the Quad Cities with the finest in European automobiles. Lujack Volkswagen employs the finest sales professionals, the best service and body shop technicians in the Quad Cities area.

Our Story


n the 1930's, the German auto industry was predominately composed of luxury vehicles. With a dismal amount of affordable options, this resulted in only one in every 50 Germans owning a car. In 1937, the German Labour Front established Volkswagen; the peoples car. Germany's leadership wanted to give their citizens the opportunity to own a vehicle, and put forth a savings plan for their citizens to own a Volkswagen for a price equivalent to that of a small motorcycle. Their present-day objective is to marry the science of engineering and the art of styling, in order to offer attractive, safe, and eco-conscious automobiles that are competitive and set world standards in their respective classes. Volkswagen is currently the largest automaker in the world, and one of the most well-known.